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Mission - Stop the Nonsense

  • Root out sources of the unsustainable rate increases including operational inefficiencies, sub-optimal organization design, impractical and low return projects, poor procurement, self dealing and other unethical practices, and outright waste
  • Promote the implementation of and/or more robust transparency, reporting, funding standards (e.g. business case), operational standards, procurement standards, and disclosure requirements for entities largely funded by Council
  • Advocate the curtailment of what has evolved into an essentially permanent funding of various NGOs (non-governmental organizations). In other words a growing number of external entities rely on annual Council funding. We need to introduce real competition to allow for various community interest groups to have a real shot at vying for limited funds.
  • Promote spending that results in good value for the typical ratepayer
  • Promote more robust critical analysis in the assessment and approval of projects, operational spending, proposals, and grants
  • Work with business leaders and the community to develop organically adaptive solutions that are mainly driven by competitive, free enterprise rather than the inherently unresponsive, inefficient, and noncompetitive government
  • Promote greater transparency with ratepayers including meaningful and objective performance results
  • Identify and promote resolution of governance issues
  • Identify, critically analyse, and promote practical solutions for
    • Traffic congestion
    • Economic vitality
    • Climate change response