Realise the Limitations of Government

Many years ago I got a first hand look behind the Iron Curtain shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was amazing! It was if time stood still. Everything looked drab. You could tell the difference immediately after crossing the border. It seemed like no one bothered to upkeep anything. No fresh paint to be seen. The cars were unimaginative heaps of junk. I went in to a home store and everything in there was junk. It looked like it was all put together with an erector set. I wouldn't take anything even if you gave it to me. The prevalence of sombre faces was striking. One of the most bizarre observations was the lack of toilet paper. Even the finest hotels had scraps of toilet paper in the bathrooms. I thought the first thing the West needs to do is airlift toilet paper to these poor people!

Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it

The Soviet Union and Cuba are excellent examples of a failed ideology. Venezuela is another example where this flawed ideology has led to surreal economic destruction and human misery, which will likely require decades of recovery, even IF the deluded and corrupt are removed from power. More government and more central planning is clearly the wrong path. History shows us that entire countries can live in a state of delusion for a really long time. It was an historic day when Boris Yeltsin discovered that the average American had access to far more fresh produce (under water misters no less) than they had in their elite commissaries, while the average Mikhail had to stand in line for hours to to get a loaf of bread. Reportedly, Boris Yeltsin flying back to Moscow stated "What did we do to our people?"

What does this have to do with Nelson?

There are people that firmly believe that more government is the solution. I am here to state the more government is NOT the solution. Council continues to take more and more of our money and what do they really have to show for it? Whatever it is, is it worth all of the millions spent? And only if they had more of our money could they do so much more. I assure you, even if they had ALL of our money, we would live in misery and the insiders would feast off the booty.

What's the answer?

Council needs to focus on core services and clear a path for genuine, free enterprise to do its magic.

  • A thriving CBD with multiple venues of entertainment, at no net cost to the ratepayer
  • Independently produced concerts at little to no net cost to the ratepayer
  • Foster connections to the various interesting activities
  • Foster the creation of new interesting activities, again using little to no ratepayer funds
  • Attract employers offering high value jobs to the region, again using little to no ratepayer funds
  • Attract world class eduction and research

How do we do that?

  • We approach any actual producers (i.e. people with ideas, capability, capital, and demonstrable success in free enterprise) in the area and ask "How can we get government OUT of your way?"
  • Harness the capabilities and resources of the community. There are many smart, capable, globally connected people in Nelson/Tasman that wouldn't mind giving up some of their time for the greater good

Recommendation to Voters EVERYWHERE

I recommend voting for those that have demonstrable success at producing something that is visible and selling that to real customers at a profit. Voting for anyone else you are most likely to get exorbitant production costs and/or something that you actually don't want, like some abysmal product built with an erector set, or even worse, something that requires further expenditure to demolish.