The Gondola Company

Evidently, Council is interested in having a gondola installed in Nelson. Rather than reaching out to an actual gondola operator, Council contracts with the Nelson Cycle Lift Society to conduct a gondola study. Several years ago Jo Rainey (Pete Rainey's brother) apparently founded the Nelson Cycle Lift Society, and based on filings, their main source of revenue is from surprise, surprise, Nelson City Council. So far, Council has given a bit over $115K to the organisation. Only a small neighbourhood's rates, although one has to ask why?

Skyline Enterprises has been operating a gondola in Queenstown for over 50 years. They also operate the gondola in Rotorua. The logical path to explore a gondola in Nelson is to reach out to an actual gondola developer and operator. And Council can obtain valuable information for essentially no external outlay. If there is an actual business case to be made, Council can invite actual gondola companies to make one, without government funding! The global government landscape is littered with failed projects, convention centres being perhaps the most notable. Almost anyone can operate a business at a loss. Governments are infamous for their money losing escapades. What Nelson doesn't need is another money losing project.

Freedom Camper WiFi

A few years ago, Council apparently spent about $80K on WiFi for freedom campers. To avoid any doubt there are numerous camp grounds available including government subsidised facilities. Commercial operators were understandably upset. "You know, what the council is doing to me ... could you imagine if I stood outside New World (supermarket) and just started giving away bags of groceries. Because they're being given away, people don't need to go in the door - it's exactly the same thing happening to us. "The funny thing is the council has turned around and said, 'we have to fix this problem' - they've had six years to fix this problem but all they've done is namby-pamby around it, and now they're panicking," Mr Edwards said. Another small neighbourhood’s rates for that one.

Other Cases

I am certain that there are many more cases. Send them in and I will verify and post.